Let the Right One In

This movie didn’t appeal to me that much, mainly because I’m not a fan of vampire movies. These blood-sucking monsters are just too mediocre for me. There have been so many versions of vampires that the real essence of one is already lost. The variety of the characteristics of a vampire made it too unreal. When you her all sorts of different things about a certain thing (aliens, for example), you may tend to doubt its existence more.

One of the most striking revelations in the movies is the gender of the monster, Eli. Throughout the earlier parts of the movie, I thought of Eli as a mere little girl vampire. I’m sure it wasn’t only me. It was made to fool the audience into assuming that Eli is a girl. As it turns out, she, or rather, he was a boy. I think this caused a major turn in the relationship between the two. At first, their relationship seemed to be romantic. It seemed like puppy love, considering they were just a bunch of 11-year olds. But at the time of the revelation, it just seemed to be friendship, a deep, deep friendship. One may even think they’re getting in a homosexual relationship. I guess that’s understandable. I myself am on the brink of thinking the same thing. Given this, what’s really going on between the two? Was it mere friendship, or a romantic relationship?

This movie presents a marginalized hero, a kid who’s always bullied. Basically, the hero’s a loser. This kind of hero is quit common in movies, even in those not belonging to the horror genre. The hero is usually an insignificant person who rises up in the end. In this movie, the hero, Oskar, kills someone. If you don’t consider this as a rising up, maybe the scene where almost every one of the bullies gets killed should’ve convinced you. Technically, it wasn’t him who killed them. It was Eli, but Eli did that for the benefit of Oskar, so you can still trace it back to Oskar.

The ending is quite confusing for me. It was open-ended. Was it a tragic or a happy ending? I guess its up to the audience. It can be a tragic one since they seem to have committed themselves too much to each other that they can willingly kill others for the benefit of the other. It has become a quite possessive and obsessive relationship. It won’t be long before things go wrong. Of course, that’s looking beyond the movie, but it’s still a possibility and the audience might still ponder on it. However, it can still be a happy ending because they end up together. Maybe it’s kind of weird that the hero and the monster end up together, but the story evolves around their relationship.

It’s the kind of movie that leaves the audience either the feeling of disgust or satisfaction. It depends.

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