[REC] 2

REC 2 is an example of an in your face horror type of film. It is very in your face that the undead have been possessed and that the characters portrayed used blood and effects to scare the viewers out. Another thing is that it was very trope-based; the very setting of being in a dark abandoned apartment was really scary. Even if they were a team and all, the fact that they were in an apartment and they knew where they were is already a scary thought. It is something like that of when someone decides to go in a horror booth in a local school fair. Whenever people do decide to do that, the mere fact that they enter and decide to ride the thrill, even if nothing has happened yet, going in there just even entering the gates or the door already makes the heart beat faster, maybe due to the fact that yes, you are expecting something, but in the same time you are not really sure on what to expect and what to exactly see. This is how the characters in REC 2 actually felt, they knew that they were going in an abandoned apartment full of undead ready to eat them alive and infect them with their disease and yet they went in. In addition to that, it even gave them even a more scary feeling when they know that they really cannot expect what can possibly happen to them or what can they possibly see. This is how humans work, that whenever there is uncertainty in our life, we tend to become nervous and frightened on what the future brings to us or even shows to us. REC 2 employs both techniques in the hopes of making itself scary to its viewers and to be honest I enjoyed this movie more than the first REC. One is that it played with religion. Not that I don’t have one or I am against to having one, but the play or religion in a way makes it a little scarier than that of undead and zombies. Second is that I feel it was shot better and well compared to the first one, especially that the first one made use of camera movements that after a while became too hard to watch already, not because of the fright, but because of the feeling of being dizzy and all that. Lastly was when they were confronted with the reporter from the first movie, who ended up killing them and actually was evil too. The element of surprise was played well this time compared to the first movie, which just made use of light and no light with the point of view of the camera. I really did not expect the reporter to be possessed too, and I think it was able to make the movie be better, not only in surprising me but also on how the story was made and depicted. Overall, REC 2 with the use of the setting and the story showed that the movie was a lot better than the first.

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