Session 9

Among all the movies we watched, this was something I did not enjoy I really felt that everything was slow and that everything did not really appeal to me. To be honest, I was a little bored with the movie, ofcourse that’s just my personal opinion and probably other people might have a different one from mine. I got bored because of the fact that it appeared to me that the movie was about a bunch of guys trying to refurbish an old mental institute and they would go through the days just kidding around and making fun of each other or even to would just boast around on who is better in this or that. The only freaky part was whenever the recorded interview of the lawyer between mary and/or simon would be played. I think this was the freakiest part of it, but I don’t know I kinda did not enjoy it really. One is that because mary did not really have any purpose expect for the screaming here and there and Simon had this multiple personality disorder. I did not like the movie because one I felt that the actors did not know how to act. And this is very important for the horror genre, especially that whenever an actor acts well, people would be able to in a way relate, but if not then it is sort of obvious that everything was all fake and the goal of instilling fright or horror in the viewers is failed. Another aspect that I did not like was the story itself, I mean true at the end or at the climax, Gordon becomes all this possessed killing all his other friends, but I think the build up was really slow. By the time Gordon was acting all weird already, instead of getting excited I was more of feeling a little restless. Lastly, I did not like the movie because the story was too simple, I mean yes, I know that the Horror genre can be flexible and that sometimes with limited things people can go out of their way in making it more interesting, but this time it was too obvious and u felt that even the director or script writer of the film did not enjoy making the movie itself. Everything was just left to that abuse that creativity was not really seen, well for me it wasn’t. Compared to other movies that we watched, like Pontypool, that was clear that it had the lack of resources, but it played around with the creativity of language as spreading the epidemic and all. Overall I felt that the movie itself was weak, to be actually called a horror film, and I feel that it could have done better. I mean c’mon, the setting was in a mental institute, so much more could have been done for the movie. Again, I do not intend this to be offensive or what, this is just based on my personal opinion.

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